InAiR brings you the world’s first Augmented TV experience

With InAiR plugged in, your TV becomes an Augmented Television. You can turn any ordinary television into a new and wonderful medium, filled with rich and dynamic information from the Web. inAiR uses your TV screen and layers in additional content from the Web and social media.

One small device, endless possibilities

InAiR intelligently identifies what you are watching on TV, automatically gathers relevant Internet and social content, and then processes and places these layers of Web information in front of your TV screen in real time, on demand. InAiR can use the vast amount of readily available free content on the Internet to enrich your viewing experience at launch.

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Where television meets the web

InAiR layers additional content from the web and social media directly in front of the tv image without obscuring the existing tv screen, allow for multi-tasking. We add ‘layers’ of information in front of the TV screen, allowing the internet to ‘live’ in this space. We enable viewers to take full control and seamlessly combine the free flow of internet information with broadcast content

InAiR sits between your TV and “whatever thing” you have


InAiR is not meant to replace any of your existing devices. It’s designed to be an “in-between” gadget. Consider InAiR as an adapter to your existing HDMI connection, and let the space between you and the TV live.

What InAiR does?


InAiR senses the name of the program being watched and its associated metadata


InAiR goes out to the Internet and finds lots of relevant and interesting content


InAiR tidies up the Internet content and  places it in a sensible manner while scaling the program to match the viewer’s focus

Movie and TV Shows

InAiR can serve up layers of information about the music, the actors, the movie itself or even information about the product-placement cars in the movie. Along the way, viewers can navigate feeds from their social networks.

Live Sports

Live statistic, realtime tracking, in-depth and innovative sport data. Commentaries, analytics and prediction, you have it all covered.

News and Live Programming

During a news show, a viewer could see what a newspaper or writer had published about the topic or — again — check out a relevant social media stream in real time. InAiR automatically regconizes the story and delivers relevant stories, information and media of the same topic.

Intuitive Control and Interface

Designed by one of the creator of The Minority Report Interface, InAiR brings you an excellent User Experience. Control InAiR using our InAiR TrackPad App available on IOS and Android, it’s time to say goodbye to those ugly TV remotes.

Easy Setup

To set up InAiR, just plug the power cord into the wall, connect InAiR to your high-definition TV and your existing Set Top Box using two HDMI cables (sold separately). Getting started couldn’t be simpler, InAiR connects to your home network by connecting your iPhone or Android App.


Starting at $149.99