Welcome to the brave new world of Augmented Television

Introducing InAiR, a new way to watch Television

With InAiR plugged in, you can turn any TV into a new and wonderful medium, filled with rich and dynamic information from the Web.  InAiR adds layers of additional content from the Web and social media and displays them dynamically in front of the screen.

What InAiR does


InAiR senses the name of the program being watched and its associated metadata


InAiR then goes out to the Internet and gathers lots of interesting content related to what you are watching


InAiR tidies up this content and places it in a sensible manner while scaling the program to match the viewer’s focus



Smart automatic content recognition, using the latest ACR technology



Find and gather text, graphics, images and video across the Web



A display process that organizes and choreographs this information in layers in front of the TV

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The design and interaction are the same in both, but when you use InAiR with a 3D TV, the graphical layers of content extend dimensionally into the room.

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InAiR is at your control to use as you wish

InAiR works quietly in the background, and is designed to open and close quickly and easily, so you can use only when you want. With one quick gesture or tap it springs to action, and can close with a few swipes.  Future updates will offer a notification system to offer alerts for whatever you want.  These can be from your favourite apps or from social media activity.  All customisable.

Content apps and channels

An array of powerful InAiR apps are available.  TRACKS will identify music and sound tracks for information and purchase.  PUSH will provide a steady stream of related information.  PEOPLE will identify actors, athletes, or key individuals onscreen.  Navigate your TV programming with our GUIDE.  KEY WORDS displays useful word links content on the Web.  STOCKS and MOVIES link to Web information.

InAiR works with the most popular social apps like Facebook and Twitter.  Other 3rd party content deals are in play and will be available soon.  Watch for new apps for tracking stats for your favourite sports.


Movies and TV Shows

When watching your favourite movie or TV series, with just a quick gesture, InAiR will provide you with related information, displaying beautifully on your TV screen, whether it’s the profile of the actor, director or the latest news and gossip about them.  It can also bring you their talk show appearances on YouTube, and even identify music you hear.

Live Sports

When watching you favourite sports shows or live matches, InAiR brings you stats for the team, the match and the players.  It can also bring you live feeds of related news and information, and videos just about anything of interest. Your sports experience will never be the same.

News and Live Programming

Watching news is great with InAiR.  You can instantly gather more information from the various media sources to compare and understand more fully what you are watching.  The augmented news experience is dynamic and up to the second, so you will never miss a beat.

Social Networks

InAiR melds your social networks with the TV experience.  We all do this with handheld devices, but it’s a fresh new experience to combine them on the same screen.  Check your Facebook feed, tweet about the show, or invite friends to watch.  All without missing a beat of the program.

The Hardware

InAiR works with any TV and “box”


The InAiR hardware is an HDMI device that sits between your current TV and your Set Top Box (cable/satellite box, Roku, Xbox, DVR, for example)

Easy Setup


Setup is easy with InAiR.  Simply plug your Set Top Box into the HDMI IN port on InAiR, and then connect the HDMI OUT to your TV.  Once powered up, follow the simple setup steps on your TV to connect your home wifi network.

Intuitive Control

To navigate InAiR, we offer an innovative new approach via an app that runs on your SmartPhone (iOS, Android and Windows).  Your phone becomes a trackpad, with no graphics on the Smartphone screen or need to look at it at all.  Your touch gestures and taps on the Smartphone move the InAiR TV display like a ‘virtual touchscreen’.  And for the more adventurous, you can use hand gestures to navigate when you pair InAiR with a Microsoft Kinect of Leap Motion device.


Starting at $149.99