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InAiR brings you the world’s first Augmented TV experience

With InAiR plugged in, your TV becomes an Augmented Television. You can turn any ordinary television into a new and wonderful medium, filled with rich and dynamic information from the Web. inAiR uses your TV screen and layers in additional content from the Web and social media.

One small device, endless possibilities

InAiR intelligently identifies what you are watching on TV, automatically gathers relevant Internet and social content, and then processes and places these layers of Web information in front of your TV screen in real time, on demand.

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The control is yours

InAiR does not interfere with your TV program, it quietly analyses the show you are watching on your screen then goes out to the Internet to find relevant and interesting content. All you need to do is one flick of the finger, and InAiR will bring you all information you need. You remain full control of when to turn on InAiR, the rest of the time, it’s still your TV experience.

InAiR works with every TV and every “box” that you already have


InAiR is a HDMI adapter that sits between your current TV and STB (cable/Satellite box, Roku, Xbox, DVR, etc..), intelligently works with the content you are watching to help finding everything you need to know

What InAiR does?


InAiR senses the name of the program being watched and its associated metadata


InAiR goes out to the Internet and finds lots of relevant and interesting content


InAiR tidies up the Internet content and  places it in a sensible manner while scaling the program to match the viewer’s focus

How InAiR can help you

Movies and TV Shows

When watching your favourite movie or TV series, with just a flick of the finger, InAiR will bring you all related information, displaying beautifully on your TV screen, whether it’s the profile of the actor, director or the latest news, gossip about them. It can also brings you their talk show interview on Youtube or even tell you the name of the theme song that you like.

Live Sports

When watching your favourite sport shows or live matches, InAiR brings you every statistics of the team, the match and the players that you want to know. It can also brings you live feeds of related news and information, even videos of the most beautiful goals on the Internet. Your sports experience will never be the same.

News and Live Programming

Have you ever seen some news on TV and immediately wonder what other people write about the topic online? InAiR allows you to immediately check relevant and latest articles on the Internet about the issue, you can also follow how your stocks perform live on the big screen. Our technology is so intelligent that InAiR follows live news on your TV up to the second making sure you will never miss a beat.

Social Networks

InAiR brings social networks to every shows on your TV screen. Checking your Facebook, Twitting about the show, invite friends to watch it with you or joining the live discussion has never been easier while not missing any moment of your favourite shows.

3rd Party Apps

Endless application possibilities With our App Store, you can download endless useful applications from games to everyday widgets, smart home applications to sling/streaming functions. The possibilities are endless.

Intuitive Control

InAiR pioneer a new innovative remote control app that can run on your smartphone (iOS, Android and Windows). There is virtually no “buttons” on the phone app screen, allowing you to use it as a trackpad with just directional flicks of the finger. You can activate and navigate between all layers of InAiR without the need of finding “buttons” like on your regular remote. When you pair InAiR with a Microsoft Kinect or Leap Motion device, you can use hand gestures in the air in front of you to manipulate the content on-screen — enabling what InAiR’s makers compare to scenes from the Minority Report film.

Easy Setup

InAiR possesses one of the easiest setup of any devices. All you need to do is plug your STB into HDMI IN port and connect HDMI OUT to your TV. Once powered up, just follow simple setup steps on your TV screen to connect to your home wifi network and you are ready to be dazzled.


Starting at $149.99