This is what smart TV is supposed to be


The only thing smart enough to understand what you\'re watching and what more you want

InAiR brings hyper-links to your TV

Every extra info you ever need on your big screen


Rethinking the TV space

InAir combines emmy-award-winning design expertise and next generation technology to create a rich, dynamic, animated viewer interface using the main TV screen and the space between the screen and the viewer.

  • Televisions are no longer simply screens for viewing video content

  • The InAiR technology is designed to work on any monitor, but really shines in 3-D – the golf course, race track or other overlay appears to pop in front of the screen right before your eyes.

    San Francisco Chronicles
  • As opposed to having to use a mouse or keyboard to navigate content, users have two options; they can either work the adapter through their Android or iOS mobile device using its screen as a track pad or take it to the next level by using gesture control via a Kinect or Leap device. This is exactly what makes this idea so exciting and futuristic

  • The company calls its experience “augmented television,” since it puts an augmented reality overlay on the real world in front of your TV. It’s like an extension to your TV screen, or a hologram that folds out seamlessly from the TV.”

  • The overlay concept has the advantage of putting all the information one screen


One small device,
endless posibilities

Simply plug InAir in between your set-top box and your TV, then enjoy the immerse experience of next-gen TV transforming your traditional perception of the 50 years old industry. This is not your everyday smart TV. Welcome to the brave new world of augmented television.

InAir works with any TV, 2D or 3D. Creating an unified experience accross any TV set.

Where television meets the web

Inair layers additional content from the web and social media directly in front of the tv image without obscuring the existing tv screen, allow for multi-tasking. We add ‘layers’ of information in front of the TV screen, allowing the internet to ‘live’ in this space. We enable viewers to take full control and seamlessly combine the free flow of internet information with broadcast content

Video Demo

The only TV smart enough to understand what you are watching

What InAiR does

Inair senses the name of the program being watched and its associated metadata

Inair goes out to the Internet and finds lots of relevant and interesting

InAir tidies up the Internet content and  places it in a sensible manner while scaling the program to match the viewer’s focus

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